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African Studies Oct 4 , 2011 th 10/4/2011 7:09:00 AM The Peopling of Northern Africa  First settlement found was in Northern part of Africa  Evidence of settlement around 10 000-8.000  Political charged and racial driven (developed sophisticated civilization widely known around the world)   (need to know all the cities in Northern Part )  The Maghrib or Northern Africa  North Africa stops at Egypt (in this class )  The rest after Egypt is like Sudan etc and is the horn of Africa  First place ppl come together in bands was rift valley (Which is in the East)  First migratory pattern, ppl moved from east and began settling along the blue Nile (different from White Nile which is opposite side, and also diff from the Nile which is at the top—look at map)  Blue Nile place where humans began to settle  Land was fertile and deposits along the bank- source of water, animals come there  Two groups to pay attention to - Berbers - Egyptians Characteristics of the Berbers - speak predominantly afro-asiatic languages- Darija, (Arabic, French , Spanish) - live in Morraco, Tunisia, Mauritania, even Egypt and Chad , berbers speak Dajira which is most dominant - the men who belong to this family of ppl’s have inhabited the Maghreb since the beginning (Ibn Khaldun) – leading scholar - not migrants, first ppl in North Africa - noted for their independence ( political organization, belief system,- indigenous religion, culture) - dynamism,(usually willing to incorporate aspects of other religions that they think are useful and turn it to make it their own- e.g took Islam and made it mystic) - warrior nature (cant be independent without being a warrior- noted for military organization, and don’t run away from fights) - and for producing some of the best thinkers in the world.  first university in Frez in Morocco was founded in 859- Al- Qarawiyin (first university ever)- Berber uni  Ibn Battuta (1325-1354)- one of the leading physics scientist, good understanding of social science too but good in sciences- a number of things we know about Africa came from Ibn Battuta (Berber)  One of leading thinkers in Islam when it emerged in 7 thcentury- spread to North Africa around the same time it spread to everywhere else.  St. Augustine of Hippo or Aurelius Augustine (354-430)  One of the original thinkers of the just world theory  Drew a lot from Berber ancestry and tried to influence Christianity using that th  Until the 7 century, Northern Africa worshipped either indigenous gods or Christianity- Islam wasn’t there yet  Apostle Mark (in bible) establishe
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