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University of Toronto St. George
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Thomas Tieku

African Studies Oct 25 th 10/25/2011 7:12:00 AM The peopling of Southern Africa Last week- West Africa happened to be late settled area - insecurity as a result of wild animals living and no iron technology cant overpower animals with no weapons once west Africa was settled- big political communities emerged such as Ghana—Kanem Bornu was similar to the rest, only difference is kingdom was relatively homogenous- now in Nigeria Southern Africa - very unique compared to rest of Africa - geologically oldest region in Africa - almost all the different vegetational/ temperal zone can be found in south Africa - tropical weather condusive for farming - temperate weather (e.g snow, condusive of grapes/wine) - also has savannah condusive for cattle rearing - all the major occupations can be found in Africa - the only place Europeans settled permanently (similar to what we have here) - apart the settlement of Europeans, also Indians brought there as result of trade most cases as servants or slave - huge chinese population – also trade - relatively huge population from indonasia, Malaysia etc - melting pot of culture- classic immigrant society mixed with indigenous people - practiced ethnicity to the extreme--- apartheid (ethnicity instutionalized by the state—only part where different ethnic groups separated legally social, economical etc. separation most visible between African and whites separation based on hierachal arrangement of human speices (Europeans on the top) 1948-1994 - has shaped history of south Africa in fundamental way - richest parts – relatively richer than rest of Africa country south Africa has more money/resources than rest of Africa combined (Excluding northern part) unequal distribution of wealth South Africa made up of four distinct group: San, Khoikoi, Bantu and Europeans lived in Southern Africa - Europeans think they are African (Dutch, german and british) - San ppl believed to have inhabited Southern Africa first Europeans first called the San people ―Bush men‖ - majority of San now live in Zimbabwe - San live hunter gathering lifestyle so Europeans thought they lived in bushes or how animals lived - no centralized system of govt uniqueness of the Sans has to do with the fact that the Sans never had permanent households - never developed huge ethnic settlement (like Empires, ) - lived in bands of fifty ppl - as result of culture, never developed material culture, however most of the things they depended on was pottery most tools made were made out of woods (never developed sophisticated iron technology - egalitarian – no hierachal division of labour
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