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th March  26 :  African  Diasporas     Lecture 26: Are African Diasporas the new hope for Africa? African Diasporas • Maintain some form of relationship with that particular homeland – ex property, assets, and social bond • Africans who left the continent voluntarily tend to have limited connection with the continent. Involuntary Diasporas have stronger connections with the homeland • When we think African diaspora, many are living on the continent • Those living outside the continent is 3% of the total African population; Approx. 30 million • Countries with the largest diasporas – Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Cote D’ Ivory, Mali, DRC, Nigeria, Sudan, Eretria, DRC, South Africa • Countries with the largest proportion of diaspora – OECD countries, 3% non-OECD countries, less than 2% other developing countries • Almost 68% of skilled people from Cape Verde leave, Gambia, Seychelles, Kenya, Liberia, Ghana Nature of African Diasporas • Types of Diasporas (according to Paul Zeleza) • Historic Diasporas: o Move before colonial period – before the 19 century o Africans who were forcefully removed from Africa to the new world o Those who remain embed in the active memory of the Africanist and self identify as Africa are a part of the diasporas o There are a number of African who left the continent on their own (sailors, travellers, concubines) Not all are a part of diaspora – in many cases those who left for India don’t self identify Contemporary Diaspora • Colonial Diasporas – 1980-84 o Interested in Africans who were encouraged to leave during the colonial rule, by colonial powers o Many were highly skilled, ended up worki
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