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June Larkin

Lecture Nov 8, 2012 - In Class Movie “My Name Is Kahentiiosta” - Families forced to relocate which cut off the community to natural water they were so attached to - Their people used to be fisherman - Now they only see a big mound of steel going by - Canadian Pacific Railway: Puts boundaries in the way of the land o Noisy traffic is everywhere o Mohawks feel invaded by the other society o Meetings explaining what kind of invasion was happening o The trees are their grandfathers standing. They offer medicine for people to use. o They give thanks to the trees o Cutting down ancestors (trees) o They had no choice because people were going to cut down trees for a gold course o People used what they could to build a resistance o SWAT team came in and a police officer was killed o The people got ready for the second wave o They could knock down the trees and kill Indians and nobody would talk about it o They would portray the Mohawks as bad people and say how they accomplished an extr
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