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University of Toronto St. George
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Melissa Levin

new250 week one 3/5/2013 7:48:00 PM * be aware of historical context when studying contemporary issues* first myth to dispense with is that is Africa is homogenous, and that it is a country, feeds from the view that Africa is ahistorical and timeless. Either love or hate Africa. The meaning that we attach to continent, countries and people of Africa is what is significant because it justifies and fuels the way we act/think in relation to Africa—need to dispense miseducations Idea of Africa is a historical construct- prior to modernity and expansion of Europe and imperialism and colonialism and expansion of world capitalism system of 1500, we didn’t understand Africa as a unit, because we had trade routes from east Africa to asia and with the expansion of Europe and all theose things that there was a shift in the way we view the world., the center of the universe was in southern Mediterranean area, not western Europe which became the center after 1500s. then west Africa becomes center of trade for human bodies Idea of nation stats are relatively new constructs--- race is also relatively new—idea of race and idea of Africa are historical constructs and historical processes- need to bear those in mind Lan
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