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Melissa Levin

4/3/2013 10:43:00 AM Videos directed specifically to look at the construction of Africa Critical analysis of images Consuming hunger takes us back to mid 80’s with famine in Ethiopia A lot of the images we see today resonates with those of before the starving wretched Africa What has changed and what has stayed the same? 1980s known as lost decade in much of developing world context: broke countries borrowing money and the cold war—struggle between soviet union and America. Famine in Ethiopia Getting the stories Getting aid took a while because message took a while to get to the West Media saying there was no famine, but showing proof—starvation and destitution Said proof wasn’t good enough, image not strong enough … notenough ppl ‘dropping like flies’—so not a lot of media attention- didn’t broadcast footage. Said it wasn’t a ‘biafra’ ‘starving kids in Africa, that’s not a story, that’s a fact of life ‘ – was the media response and argument for not broadcasting it things have to be sensational to get on air. Journalists—think they need to have it be a dramatic picture famine isn’t in the Western world, its not something we share in common with third world—only comes into our conscious if its ‘biblical’ in the sense that people are dying on camera etc Oxfam saying that it was hard to get into Ethiopia but it wasn’t that hard— political officials say they invited many reporters etc, reporters were there before/during the famine Tries to crowd all the starving dying ppl together to get western media attention and make it easier to gt to them Low relevance in media- a whole lot of other less morally important things aabout politics and white house meetings—our interests vs their interests For the last four centuries, only slaves, colonialization, bad stuff etc--- not new , don’t idolize Africa anymore—not inte
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