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University of Toronto St. George
New College
Melissa Levin

• We will study quantitative Empirical Political Science Methodology: Main interest is on various political phenomenon. Also we will learn methods used in political science research, focus is on empirical data and test our theory with data from the real world. We will examine a large number o cases to test our theory. • We will focus on all subfields of political science except for political theory. i.e. Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics and International Relations. • We will also focus on Quantitative Empirical Political Science Methodology. For example: We have a research question, then develop a theory or hypothesis then we examine whether the theory is right (Empirical Analysis). An example might be “What causes War?” Theory may be “Democracy is less prone to war” then we test the theory by examining actual cases in the real world. • 2 types of empirical research:  Qualitative Empirical Analysis: Case Studies: We can examine a single case or few cases intensively Detailed historical account, field research, participant observation, thick description, process-tracing a.  Quantitative Empirical Analysis: Does not investigate a single case We collect data on a large number of cases Summarize information across a large number of cases by quantifying relevant information (an important concept in number) Statistical analysis • Why Quantitative Reasoning? We would like to know systematic empirical regularity of political phenomena of our interest. Also we would like to test our theory and build generalizable knowledge abou
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