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Lecture 5

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John Vervaeke

NEW333 Lecture 5 – October 12, 2012 We need assurance – we are perpetually facing the idea that we made the wrong choice, wrong risk-free basis – FAILED PROJECT Signal Detection Theory: we are always gambling, there is always ambiguity - we want a sense of realness ( restricted) Significance Landscapes perspective salience presence depth - multidimensional - multiapt - intelligible - dynamical - stance towards a reciprocal power - grabbing of dynamic network of with patterns attention attendance assurance - anticipation - It reality is power or intelligibility  we can come to understand it o If ABC , this means A and B are dependent on C, therefore C is the most powerful because all others are dependent on it o Power flows from the most powerful to the least powerful  How much can I affect things without them affecting me? o Power is unilateral  Ex: Cup can affect the shadow, but the shadow cannot affect the cup, therefore the cup is more powerful  This “shadow” is sometimes mistaken as reality o POWER  UNILATERAL POWER  TRANSIENT INFLUENCE o We want reciprocal power!  Interaction – because we ultimately want to find the best way of intervening/most affecting the world  Nexus of causation  We understand or know something when we know how to affect it  Ex: Doctors know a disease because they know how they can affect it (ie. Find a cure/treatment) - Intelligibility  complexification ≈ intelligence  cognitive process Gentner’s analogy: - Relationships are more
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