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thOctober 9 2013Power PoliticsMorgenthau AuthorTheorist Mans control over the minds and actions of another man A gets B to do something she wouldnt do otherwise How would you measure this Factors that are commonly associated with power Tanks military expenditure military personnel GDP steel production education infant mortality rate of tax collection corruption Many hard to measure dimensions morale intelligence quality of diplomacy determination Stalin Quote about the Popes lack of power The Pope How many divisions has he got He was measuring power in terms of military In reality if we understand power as the ability to affect others behavior the pope IS powerful even if he doesnt have a military How to aggregate the measurementsState Capabilities Which areas of power do we give weight to Area Population GNP Military Expenditure Scientific Journals Human DevelopmentPower Is DynamicPower is not stablePower is a Tricky Concept Power is multidimensional No one thing that makes countries powerful Power is dynamic Changes from one day to another Power is relative We cant know how much power you have unless we compare you to another actor The definition of power itself is relational our ability to affect the actions of another Power may be contextual the fungibility of power In certain contexts something that gives you power might be irrelevant eg Aircraft carriers might make you powerful in one aspect but not if you want to fight a land war or negotiate with another nation Power and Influence The definition of power given our ability to change the behavior of another powerif we are able to do that we have powerPower and Force A lot of definitions of power look at a states capacity to use force Using force and having power are not necessarily the same thing
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