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JNH350H1 Lecture Notes - Free Market, Female Genital Mutilation

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Bathseba Opini

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Lecture 3- September 26th
Social Category:
- Social category-way of grouping people
People with disability:
- Point 3
oDue to:
1. Cultural barriers
2. Economic challenges
3. Attitudes of people towards PWD
- People with disability get higher amount of discrimination
- Capitalistic:
oFree market
oDriven by profits-don’t want to employ PWD
Side Note:
Need to notice that there is a range of disabilities-each experiences/is influenced by
HIV/AIDS differently
Disability and poverty for a vicious circle:
- Poverty=food security decrease=disability increase=poverty again
Limited research in Africa on HIV/AIDS and PWD:
- Actual
oIncreased chance of infection of HIV
oEqual levels of sexual activity as non-disabled individuals
Risk Factors:
- Sexual violence
oPhysically unable to defend themselves
oWomen with disability 3x more likely to be raped than non-disabled
Same with men
- Damaging/risky beliefs and practises
oHIV positive men can have sex with virgins to get rid of HIV (obv
- Legal challenges
oFew legal consequences for people who sexually assault PWD
- Challenge of lack of information
oDepending on type of disability, cant’ get info
Ex. deaf-radio no good
Ex. wheelchairs-cant’ access info session because of stairs
What can be done?
- Need to talk WITH them, not just ABOUT them
Racism, Racial Discrimination and HIV/AIDS in Africa
- Race-social construct
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