Leture 2

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24 Nov 2011
Lecture 2: September, 19
- Need to know where studies done
- Religion
oOwn religion before west came
oEducation-earliest university was in Timbatoo
oArts-orality-songs, dance, proverbs important
- Rites of Passage
oMove from one stage to another in life
Each new stage has a celebration attached to it
oBirth: to welcome child, celebrate
Can happen in various ways
Family and Politics:
- Africa stateless society? – WRONG!
oInstead, each country, own way of governing
- Lineage/kinship system – VERY important, and valued in society
- Yeboah
Problem region vs. Region with problem
Problem region-places blame on Africa
Medical geography – increased HIV/AIDS in south-colonization
last there longest
Need to look at social as well as medical aspect of AIDS
Misreport about what going on
Must look at where getting info from
AIDS belt:
- Definition can vary
- Highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this region
- Covers area of 16 countries
Dr. Roger England
- Against exceptionalism
- Don’t need to treat AIDS as exc disease
- Many diseases killing humans
- Neglecting other serious problems
- Promotes stigma in society when do exc/preferential treatment
- Over years- nations shifted funds to AIDS research
oResult – problem because took funds away from other diseases (ex.
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