NEW240Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Audre Lorde, Asian Canadians, Critical Inquiry

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23 Mar 2017
Space, Location, and Resistance
Video: Coffee Coloured Children
Shows the trauma of normalcy
Resisting of oppression, reclaiming of voice
Process of “untying our tongues”
Telling stories in a way that is not sugarcoated, not in a way that the dominant can
feel comfortable with
Directing our rage, not at ourselves & those closest to us, but at the system/structure
Politicized expression of rage & anger
Audrey Lorde article
Critiqued the omission of input in that conference from poor women, Black women,
Indigenous women, lesbians, etc
“What this says about the vision of this conference is sad, in a country where it
means that only the most narrow perimeters of change are possible) pg 110-111
Space= space of marginalized social differences
Location= an understanding of the politics of difference
Awareness of power & privilege
Are we complicit in practices of oppression?
Razack concept of unmapping, beginning to become conscious of what stories are
being mapped onto particular ppl
Seizing the pain of oppression and using it as a site of analysis and critical inquiry
Decolonization Johan
Love as a revolutionary practice & a political, social activity that is integral to a
pedagogy of rage
Praxis of rage
“We as people of colour must recognize that then we begin to see how others are
also suffering” Johal, pg 278
Pedagogy the art/science/method of teaching
Implies that an individual (a teacher) teaches students using a particular method in
order to communicate a given set of knowledges
Pedagogy a methodology that has a spiritual component
Certain principles & parameters
Involves nurturing of critical consciousness
problem much of what is referred to as pedagogy does not represent this aspect
Actually pedagogies of alienation
Students of differences are expected to amputate their embodied
knowledges & cultural ways of knowing as a starting point for learning &
Forced to deny their collective histories/pasts
“What I learned a lot from the women in the feminist activist collective...the
double prejudice faced by women of colour was not a major issue for them”
Li reading, pg 53
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