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Nutritional Science
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• Undernutrition vs overnutrition • Genetics affects the “sweetspot” of nutrition/food intake o Interactions between natural genetic variation o Proteins are produced at different amounts o Genes can interfere absorption of vitamin c • Adequacy: o Nutrient density o A lot of calories come from the oil in French fries o Broccoli: • Variety: even with nutrient dense foods • Portion distortion: o “don't drink your calories” o The body relies on sense of fullness Introduction to Nutrition Research • Hypothesis generation o Physiological effect: improving exercise performance, vision, blood sugar level  What might influence: • Pub med • Observational studies: determines an association/correlation between diet and health o Prospective cohort study o Case control study o Limited as only measures association  Things can correlate but may not cause one or the other • Intervention Trial o Determines causation or establishes a causal link, between diet and health • There is association between increase in childhood ability between increase in availability of bottled water o Followed the same timeline but no causal link o Intervention: give one group diet + water and one group diet and see which group gains more we
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