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Nutritional Science
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Draft essay tut #2 jan 28,29,30,31 Final essay tut 3: feb 11, 12,13,14 Draft essay revision check list tut: feb 11,12,13,14 Food and Health • Based on chap 1 • Canadian community health survey CCHS o Measure nutrient intake o Food assessment techniques, 24 recall – what was eaten yesterday • Meat food group is missing on the chart • Hyper palatable food o Flavouring contents are mostly fat soluble o Increases the flavour and creaminess (texture) • Salt – cheapest ingredient to put in o Heightens all other flavours • Required reading: pg5 – convenience has its costs • Nutrition and chronic diseases o Cancer: colon, breast, prostate – nutritional component, dietary pattern • Essential nutrients o Biosynthesize – absent of ability to biosynthesize vitamin c o Deficiency of vitamin c can be deadly  British navy  Scurvy • Macronutrients: carbohydrates, lipids (fat), protein • Amino acids • Calories/energy/kilocalories/kilojoules(metric system) • 4kcal/g 9kcal/g 4kcal/g o Each g of carbo/fat/protein o Alcohol 7kcal/g • 2100 kcal • Digestible carbohydrates o Starch o Domesticating the plants increases starch content • Major chemical form of lipids in food, ester of glycerol and three fatty acids o Tryglycerides • Fatty acids that contain double bonds o Polyunsaturated fatty acids o Poly – more than one double bond o Olive oil: monounsaturat
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