Lecture 8 Remethylation and Transsulfuration Pathways

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Nutritional Science
Samantha Kimball

Lecture 8 Remethylation and Transsulfuration PathwaysFolate StructureTHF tetrahydrofolate central molecule5Nmethyl THF CH310Nformyl THF COH510NNmethylene THFEach serve different purposesFolate SourcesDont use folacinFolate is the generic descriptor Folic acid is the synthetic form of the vitamervery stable and inexpensiveNew synthetic form called Metafolin 5methylTHFFolic acid fortification USCAN1998 to prevent neural defectsAdded to white flour select grain productsIncreases folic acid intake100gDietary SourcesExcellent 55g enriched grains legumes leafy greensGood 33 g corn beans sproutsTop contributors of folate orange juice pasta green saladBioavailability from supplementsfortificationnatural dietary becauseoMore stableoNot trapped in cellular matrices1dietary folate equivalent DFE1 g food folate06 g folic acid05 g synthetic folate taken on empty stomachFolate aborptionproximal 13 SIofacilitated by GCPH folate conjugase Zndependent exopeptidase not rate limitingoproton coupled folate transporter PCFT transmembrane carrieroreduced folate carrier RFC transmembrane carrierospecies specific mechanism of absorptionofolates produced by bacteria in large intestine rate of absorption slow but transit time in colon longnet impact highFolate metabolismofolate circulates in aqueous fraction of blood serum in CHform3 ounmetabolized folic acid in circulation in countries with fortified supply of food
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