Lecture 7 Hypertension and Microminerals

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11 Apr 2012
Lecture 7 NFS382 Hypertension and Microminerals
Major source: added NaCl
1 tsp salt ~2.3g Na
Salt free = <5mg NaCl/serving
Reduced salt/less salt: 25%+ less NaCl/serving than reference
Sodium Absorption, Transport
Most is absorbed
Little excreted in feces
oNa/glucose cotransporters in SI
oNa/Cl cotransporters in SI, colon
oNa absorption in colon
In blood: transport free Na
Sodium Function
Serum Na, K, Cl narrow range (electrolyte balance); maintain osmotic pressure,
fluid balance
Nerve transmission, muscle contraction (AP)
Na: extracellular cation
Blood Pressure: force blood exerts against walls of blood vessels, measured mmHg
oE.g. 124/84 (systolic/diastolic pressure)
oSystolic: heart beats, pumps blood
oDiastolic: heart relaxes, fills with blood
oDecrease in blood pressure by 10/5mmHg has benefits: Decreased heart
failure, stroke, heart attack, death
oNormal blood pressure
Healthy <120/80
Kidney disease/diabetes <130/80
Sodium increases blood pressure
Increased Na/Decreased renal Na excretion/Increased Na reabsorption NaCl/H20
retention Increased plasma volume increased blood pressure
Na interferes with blood vessel smooth muscle activity, promotes muscle contraction
K, Ca counterbalance Na effects
Major intracellular cation
Unprocessed foods: bananas, mango, papaya, leafy greens, etc.
85%+ absorbed
K diffusion channels in BLM of enterocytes
90% excretion in urine
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