Lecture 9 Cancer Prevention or Exacerbation

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11 Apr 2012
Lecture 9 Cancer Prevention or Exacerbation – Folate and Vitamin D
Evidence based medicine aims to:
Apply best available evidence from clinical trials to clinical decision making
Assess strength of evidence with respect to risk/benefits of treatment/diagnostic
Levels of evidence
I: RCTs, meta-analyses, systematic reviews
II: Cohort, case control studies
III: opinions, case studies, expert communities
Phases of clinical trials
Phase 1: Safety Screening
Phase 2: Dose-finding, initial efficacy
Phase 3: Final testing: efficacy and compare to current Rx
Phase 4: “post-approval” studies
Clinical evidence against smoking based on prospective cohort epidemiology
Low 25(OH)D predicts multiple sclerosis (MS)
1,25(OH)2D affects antigen presentation & Th1 development
1,25(OH)2D influences Th1/Th2 development
Linking vitamin D with MS
Geographical variation
Immunomodulation of 1,25(OH)2D
Season of birth
VDDR1 and concurrent MS case study
Relapse/remission and increase/decrease 25(OH)D
Oral vitamin D intake, UVB radiation
Decreased 25(OH)D
Seasonal MRI activity
A phase 1/2 dose escalation study of high dose of vitamin D supplementation in MS
patients (randomized, open-label, matched intervention trial)
Mean serum 25(OH)D concentration ~420nmol/L without significant changes in
serum/urinary Ca measures
Dosing regimen physiologically attainable 25(OH)D concentrations at 1yr
No significant adverse effects
Treatment group improve
Lymphocyte proliferation assay
T cell proliferative response to MS-associated antigentic stimulation were
significantly reduced in treated
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