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Nutritional Science
Harvey Anderson

Wed feb 9- nut lec 4 IRON - Iron is a microminiral, and is less than a 100 mg required per day - It’s a dierty micromineral – its important in the diet that is essential where deficiency results in decrease in biological function-not enough we have decrease functioning, and need certain amount –dietry recommended , there is no evidence suggesting that we aren’t getting enough - We are intreasted in dietry micromineral - Found in blood - 10% in muscle - Iron is found in food in 2 forms such as ferric and ferrous - Dietry we see it in +2 form - It has redox potential= start formation of very dangerous compounds that can destroy membranes , can be dangerous if found on own - It supports bacteria- we find bactethere is elemental iria found in blood , we can restrict growth by limiting iron - RDA- given AI for 6 months then we have a rda, all of the table is important , exam we should have a cheat sheet – we should have a cheat sheet –don’t memorize it write it down and bring it in , we can have a cheat sheet - Differences in who needs iron and how much - Looking at early childhood 0-6 months- breastfeeding – avg intake is .27mg very low and then at 7 months it goes to 11 mg because during birth there is great deal of iron given from placenta to child because infant has adequate intake during birth - At 7 months those storage is becoming depleted - , infants are becoming deplieted therefore need fortification - 1 to 3 or 4-8- nned as much as adults to create growth - Pregnancy- menstarting women is 18 mg to accont for loss of blood . there is huge transfer of iron to baby , placenta is size of the infant so early development the cell forms the fetus, so same cells are forming 2 different intedities , pregnant women has to make more blood cells and increase content of it is because she is doing it for 3 ppl-herself, child, and placenta - Lactation- iron drops to 9 to 10 mg- milk poor source of iron, so supporting lactation suppresses menstaration , so during 6 months when women are the only source for infants therefore lactation is suppressing menstartion therefore not as much loss of blood - Sources- don’t need to draw structure, lots of carbon and hydrogens and very soluble, iron is within it, we find it in hemoglobin, and majority from animals, containing both heme and non heme - There is elemental iron and organic - Red meat- too much to be eating so best is sea food because it gives upper limit for the day , - Plant sources- non hem iron, grains now becoming fortified, - Plant sources- spinach, tofu, beans are excellent , potatoe with skin because grown in soil so absorbtion through skin - Digestion and absorption- heme iron is absorbed is more absorbed than non heme , absorbtion is 2 to 60 perent, sugar-small fructose base - Chelating agent-binds to a bunch of things so can bind to several iron atoms , these can inhibit and enhance absorption, chelating binds and keeps it solubized, so it can saty in solution and helps in iron absorption , they tightly bind to iron not leeting it to be absorbed , so anything binding iron not letting it go will decrease it in absorbtion so in can increase or decrease absorbtion - Acids- they can reduce ferric form of iron, and chelate,and soluble to donate electron and reduce it to a diletic form , feris from is much more soluble than ferric so turning ferric to ferus helps absorption - Proteins in meat, poultry- digestion of protein helps digestion of iron and help reduce micro environment around iron and helps it into solution so by mainintg ph around iron helps to keep it in solution - Mucin-protein backbone forming mucus , binds water and has acedic ph, help to transferr iron to prushborder for absorption - Polyphenols- inhibt absorption, lots of hydroxiode and help
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