Lecture 5 - Carbohydrates

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University of Toronto St. George
Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 5 migrate 18 Oct 2011 granules are filled with these types of structures radiating from the central point Corn gelswater fills up the starch granule and higher proportion of Starch in sweet corn is broken swells themdown to glucosesweet tasteheating starch to create gelscorn kernelmechanical mixture of starch and water starch bran layerfibre lots of nutrientsisnt very soluble is heatedgermprovides nutrients for the baby corn to hot water penetrates and has enough energy growto break up the polymerpolymer interactions endospermfilled with starch granules which we in the crystalline regionsuse to make cornstarchamylose stabilizes the gel when it leaks from what makes popcorn popthe granuleSuperheated water naturally present inside the swollen granules provide some resistance corn kernelliquid water above 100 Cstays against stirring viscosityliquid because the pressure is above 1 atm cooling the solution will form gelHeating corn kernels heats this internal waterjunction zones form between different rapid expansion of volume because of the sudden starch granules and between the free decrease in pressurewater will instantly convert amylose and starch granulesthe to steampolymerwater interactions turn into popcorn has a thick outer layer pericarp and a polymerpolymer interactionsdensely packed endosperm with high water forms the continuous network for the gel characteristics of corn that can be used for poppingfilled with waterheat cornpericarp keeps everything natural gels are unstableinside the kernelretrograded geltoo many junction packed endospermno space for water to zones and starch granules reestablish expand and vaporize so pressure goes upall of the polymerpolymer contact cornstarchstarchand squeezing out water from the Food A plum saucenetworkamylose will form its own structures Forms a thick rubbery plum sauce uses corn starch as a thickening firm hard product agent so that the sauce stays on the food andwheat starchdoesnt run offstale breadthickening agentadded to saucesdough contains water which swells the wheat Food B chocolate puddingstarch granulesmodified corn starch is acting as a gelling reestablishment of the starchstarch agent because pudding is very thickallows interactions causes retrogradationbread instant pudding to setbecomes hard and stalecontains
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