Lecture 6 - Lipids

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University of Toronto St. George
Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 6 higher SV 25 Oct 2011 iodine valueaddition of iodine across a double bondmeasureComposition of lipids how much iodine is confsumed by the reactionusually found as triglycerides but are also found in cocoa butter vs coconutmono and di formscocoa butter has higher IV because most of used as emulsifying agents because they have 2 of the the sample is made up with unsaturated fatty 3 OH on glyerol free as the polar component with the acidcoconut oil has littlefatty acids attached to make up the nonpolar melting point of fatty acidscomponentwhat state are these fatty acids in at room tempcan act interfering agents to stop bread of stalingSolidmelting points are above room tempphospholipidsfor the same degree of saturation as the 1 of the 3 positions on the glycerol contains a number of carbons rises the melting point rises Phosphatecontianing groupalso emulsifying more hydrophobic reactions and other because of polar phosphate and nonpolar fatty reactionsholding ittogethermore energy acidsneeeded to disrupt the interactions oilsliquid fats at room tempwhat does saturation have to do with melting fatssolid never fully solid very soft and spreadable pointat room tempAdding more double bondes decreases the called plastic fats are a blend of both liquid and boilding pointfor the samechan lengthsolidvariation in the types of fatty acids that are the doublebonds cause kinks in the chain that presentprevent them from packing together making it easy to disrupt bonds between them Variation in structure of fatty acids homogenous triglycerides maintain the same free fatty acids trendsare nonesterifiedtriglycertides vary in the positioning of their fatty acidssignal breakdown of the ester bonds between St without the sn w dont know the position of glyerol and the fatty acidsthe fatty acidsdont taste goodpositional distribution of fatty acids in veegetable fatty acid variationoils follows a general patterneach double bond is separated by at least one C position 1 and 3 are occupied by between them usually a methylene groupsaturedmonounsaturated fatty acids and thus you only need the location of the frist double position 2 is polyunsaturatedbond to find the restall important natural fatty acids are cis trans is causedA fat is a blend of crystalline fat and liquid oil generally by hydrogenationsolid fat content unsaturated fatty acids
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