Lecture 9 - Protein

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Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 922 Nov 2011Eggs cheap source of the highest quality protein we can eat Milk angel food cakeProteinsthis recipe is missing vegetable oil low fatwhey proteins are highquality proteinscream of tartar lowers pHdenature the egg white Isolating proteins based on solubilityproteins and stabilizes the foamsalt draws water away from proteins and promote vigorously mxiing the eggwhite foam precipitationdenatures them too muchAcidifying milkair will expand and help the cake rise when air prohibits certain pathogens from growingbubbles are set in the denatured protein Submicellesegg yolkmultiple ways for casein monomers to associate some proteins appear in the liquid phase and some with each otherthis is only one of them in the oil phase of the emulsionsubmicelle has a hydrophilic outside and useshydrophobic corebinderPhosphateadditng eggs creates a mix of proteins that phsohporylated groups Ser and Glu on alpha and bind together to hold the meatball togetherbeta caseinsegg substitutesareas with large amounts of Ser and Glu form egg whites without the yolk with added flavours anionic clustersstrongly negatively charged and coloursSubmicelle interactionvegetable gums are thickening agents that recreate PhosphateCalcium pattern can repeat over and the viscosity of the eggover againcalcium can act as a bridge between addition of vitamins and minerals that are in the different submicelleseggelectrostatic bond not covalent or ionicSimplesseKappacaseinlabelled as milk and egg white proteinsstructure similar to an emulsifying agent hydrophobic Nterminus hydrophilic C Sweet plant proteinsideal sweeteners because they dont have a safety issue terminusAcidification and micelles protein is a normal component of the dietbecause blocking lysine decreases the sweetness it is additing of protons to the negative chargeslikely part of the active site breaking of bridgesantibody experiementCoagulation of caseinsingle antibody reats with both proteinsWhey proteinsimilar sites were boundthis is likely t obe where highly solublehow do you concentrate and purify the sweet taste is perceived because this is the themlikely only similarity between the two pro
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