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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Plants

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Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 1029 Nov 2011cereals rye not as good as wheat for producing leavened bread CerealsRice combination of gelweak gluten matrix produces a staple of diet for most people in the worlddense heavy breadgolden ricesame idea behind glutenfree breadsubstitute the most people have some kind of deficiency of gluten matrix with a polysaccharidestarch gel by vitamin A because it can be hard to getusing bean flours in the developing world its severe enough toCerealsoats compromise eyes and immune functionold fashionedgolden rice can provide some vitamin Aflatteningdecrease the distance water needs to rice kernel has some of the steps of the metabolic get tghrough to cook thempathway but not all of them cooking gelatinizes the starches to form thivk multiple genes were added into the plant to have porridgethe kernels have the ability to produce carotenoids hypocholesterolemic produces red pigment lycopenepathwaylower serum cholesterol levels due to indigestible 1 wildtype pathway produt can lead to 2 polysaccharides in them dietary fibre soluble that inhibit absorption of cholesterolcholesterol is pathways excreted in fecesthis pathway is present in all rice kernelslow GI2 transgenes pathwayGGPP can now be diverted into thisCerealsbarley pathway with the addition of the low GItransgenes these are the missing steps in naturallyoccurring highLys varietyhe middleadded bacterial genes a complex ofLegumes them containing 2 desaturasestoxic compoundsCRTISO is in the complex as well but made to control the populations of their predators its also already in the riceharmful to microorganisms and insectsredundancyalphaamylase inhibitors 3 wildtype pathway continues afterwardslow digestion and absorption of glucosealtranslycopene is converted by a lower GInaturallyoccurring cyclasebetafermentable oligosaccharidescaroteneother pigments alphacarotein lutein soak beans in water to wash them away because yellow zeaxanthin red produced by they cause flatulence Dother enyzmatic conversions
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