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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Vitamins and Additives

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Nutritional Science
Debbie Gurfinkel

NFS386 Lecture 11 changes flavour quality 6 Dec 2011 Antimicrobial agents Vitamin A Ultra riceAntioxidants protect rentiol from being oxidized many double bonds sturated fas are more stable and wont go rancidduring the storagemoisture barrier protects the retinol from dissolving into the water during washingegg box modellinesmannuronic acidmore calcium addedfirmer gelprocesscomponents tend to dissolve well in the waterblend the mix 1 and mix 2extrusion creates rice grain like shapereally more of a vitamin pilladdition of more watercalcium chloride sprayspray gives surface of the rice its harder shellcomparison of ultra and golden riceultra rice can be formulatedthey can set the amount of retinol added t othe product while golden rice is genetically modified Iron Sprinklesiron has to be encapulated because iron is reactivedevised because children usually become deficient when transferring from exclusive breast milk to solid foods around 6 monthsbabies are born with a 6 month store of ironalso advanageous over syrups because syrups have to be sold in glass bottles which are breakablecan be formulated to contain othe
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