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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Genetics and Technology Impact

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Lecture 7 PHC320 Genetics and Technology ImpactCElegans to discover new small molecule toolsChemical Biology uses tools of chemistry to better understand biological processes overcome biological problemsDrug interferes with protein functionSmall moleculegene mutation inhibits protein that is responsible for biological processSmall molecule inhibitors provideControl over the level of protein activityControl over timing of proteinTransferable reagentPotential drug leadChemical genetics vs Classical geneticsClassical geneticsRandomly mutate genesRelatively unbiasedStraightforward cloningConditional alleles rare may be problematicHard to identify redundant genesReagent not easily transferableChemical geneticsDifferent concentrationsphenotypic seriesConditionalapply at any timeReversibleTransferable to other speciesPotential therapyHard to identify targetNot all products targeted by drugClassical geneticsForward random mutagenesisselect mutation with phenotype of interestidentify mutated geneReverse mutate gene of interestgenerate cells with mutationlook for phenotype changeChemical geneticsForward palte cellsadd 1 compound per wellselect compound that produces phenotype of interestidentify protein targetReverse start with proteinfind ligand for protein by screeningadd ligand to cellsassay for phenotypeFor chemical genetics need
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