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Mark Kingwell

Socrates: The Apology - in the 5th century, a huge base of people obeyed and followed a dictator or higher leader - Greek people lived in the Middle East - Greeks in city states organized themselves different than those run by kings; citizenry of Sparta ran like the army, everything was done together; very efficient because everything was done together - the city state of Athens was a democracy: children and women couldn't vote, certain qualifications were needed to be a participatory citizen - it was democratic because any citizen could propose a law or speak against it; a general participatory democracy; people would debate it and pass it or not - citizens were randomly chosen as generals - the usual way to get something in your favour was to have effective speaking skills, must be persuasive and use reason (essential to philosophy and key to Athenian democracy) - equality was built into the democracy of Athens because anyone could propose or speak against a legislature - for various reasons in the 5th century BC, the Athenians managed to lead a league of Greek city states to successful military power, wealth and influence - Athens had *suddenly* become wealthy and powerful - the key to success in
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