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Mark Kingwell

The Republic Book 4 - Why should we do the right, moral, just thing? - According to Plato,through the mouthpiece of Socrates, to answer the above question: -We must ask why do society's come into being? -What principles are they based? -How is society run? -we build a construction of an ideal society through theory and speech and we can begin to answer the question by examining these ideals -Why do we live with others? -it is easier to satisfy needs if we all live and work together; this can be done through the division of labour -Plato also says we live together because of the mutual satisfaction of needs that can be accommodated much faster much more readily -principle of specialization: each person should do only the job for which they are best suited given social need to contribute to the welfare of civilization - Socrates' peers protested that not all needs are basic (food, water, shelter) and a life worth living is more than needs, it is also wants (art, love, poetry, music, prostitutes etc.) - Socrates concludes that his peers do not want a healthy society, but a feverish one -with the shift of a feverish city, you need people who will defend the city/guardians who will protect the city from invaders or outsiders -the problem with gu
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