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Mark Kingwell

The Republic Book 6 - Plato is a moral realist: he thinks that there are real objects that underly and underpin moral matters - these matters are called the Forms - the Forms are objects that are ideal, perfect standards - these idealized objects are perfect and can gain knowledge from thinking about them - Plato thinks that a set of ideal standards underly not just physical matters but also moral matters - Plato thinks that you need real objects underpinning because without them then there really isn't fact of the matter at all - human beings are inclined to argue over these kind of questions of what is right and wrong - we tend not to think of moral matters - in order to ground claims, that has to be something real to back it up - he adds that facts that underly judgments of right and wrong are complex and technical and are not accessible to everyone e.g. quantum physics and medicine - complicated technical crafts: we are inclined to think there are facts of the matter -there's better and worse for treating people in bad health but we don't know why or who is to do so -sometimes, what explains what is better or worse is to say that there is a body of technique or a craft that has to be mastered -it's not enough to just collect facts, you must be able to explain the facts - lovers of sights and sounds: judge things by appearances or what they heard, but this does not amount to knowledge - knowledge is understanding why things connect and their underlying factor that explains it; Plato's forms does this - the real upshot of his argument is that lots of people see how th
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