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Mark Kingwell

The Republic Book 7 - The Cave is meant to be the mirror image of the Ship because it was to show why philosophers weren't useless: they have insight to knowledge no one else does - The Cave shows what the world looks like from the philosopher's point of view - Plato is giving us a picture that goes along with the other literary figures but it is to give a sketch of how the world really works - The Cave is our situation: we are like people who are chained into place and can only look forward at the wall; the single source of illumination is a fire behind them -there is a roadway where people are holding cardboard cut-outs that casts a shadow through the fire -the people stuck in the cave can only see shadows of the imitations of the real things -one man breaks free, emerges through the cave and is blinded by the sun, but finally sees the real world -he is now in touch with the way things are (the philosopher) -
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