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University of Toronto St. George
Mark Kingwell

The Republic Book 9 - Plato tells us that the life of the perfectly just man is 729 times better than the unjust man - Plato gives us three types of arguments that are known as: - political proof: Plato takes the analogy of a tyrant and his soul (appetite dominates) - tyrant is a slave to his desires - Plato says that if you are a slave to your desires, you are easy to control because they know how to push your buttons; you are at the mercy of your desires - the bulk of your desires will go unsatisfied because you can't satisfy them all at once and you will be unhappy - anyone in whom reason doesn't rule, that isn't someone who isn't a uniformed whole, they are a scattered self - Plato asks which part of your desires is you? - if you had reason ruling your soul speaks with one voice because your desires (appetite and honour) are all kept in line by reason - there is just disharmony and reflexes responding to external stimuli - one with reason can pick and choose their desires and control them - How do you decide which life is the best? - Plato's common sense approach: try each life out and decide - talking to people to find which is the better life: the only way to do this is to be philosopher because they are the only ones with the "proper tools" (cross-examinations, know what an examined life is) - according to Plato, the philosophical life is the best life -it's only a person who uses reason to dominate their lives and only philosophers know what each is life is like and they will tell y
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