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Mark Kingwell

Nicomachean Ethics Book 2 - happiness is complete and self-sufficient - to do well as a human being, we must flourish with our rational principle with respect to reason: intelligent virtue or flourish with our irrational principle called moral virtue - For Aristotle, the notion of happiness is an objective notion of happiness; it is not a subjective feeling - happiness is not "feeling" good, it is important to take pleasure in what you do but we mustn't identify this as happiness; it is an objective matter - happiness can affect you even after your dead - according to Aristotle, learning how to act morally is overwhelmingly like learning a language - humans are not born speaking a language, but on the other hand we have lots of languages and people can learn to speak them; in that sense, although it isn't natural to communicate at birth, it is not contrary to our nature because we can learn them - How do you learn a language? You find a native speaker who can already speak it -having the capacity to speak it -You find a native speaker who can already speak it -you mimick others who speak the language -at some point, you no longer are decoding the language, you can naturally react to t
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