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Peter King

Philosophy - * notes available on the course website* -meta philosophy - the study of philosophy done by philosophers - fundamentalquestions- example;whyarewehere?whatareuniversalmorals?(basicquestions) - many religions have the answers to fundamental questions just like philosophy does --> Example; CCC - catholic church tries to answer these questions - What sets phl apart? use of appeal to reason and specifically reasoned argument - Socrates was convicted of corrupting the youth- his phil- beliefs were different at this time so he was killed - what reflection seems like the best answer?-- this helps us justify principles of the matter - Dialogue of Crito and Socrates-- teaches -- which reflection has the best set of principles? -Goingtoanexperttohelpwithyourquestionsandlisteningtotheirreflections - Most disciplines started out as forms of phl- Example; science--- it allowed us to reason and argue a process that derives from phl thinking - In history -- people questioned everything and didnt have answers -- Example physics- why does a pen drop to the ground why does it fall-- so people decided to break up these questions into disciplines allowing chem, physics, bio, economics to arrive to civilization - We made progress- so phl was left and we don’t know how to solve this and to answer the phl questions - science has hard facts and engraved information and easy questions- phl is ongoing and it never ends phi questions are never ending - Example; how should we live together what are our values and ethics? is this for everyone? or just for us? is this universal? - we understand that these are problems but we don’t know how to solve them - Customary divisions: logic- metaphysics( talk about the fundamental nature of reality- cause and effect, basic questions example; why does time only go in one direction)- ethics (how one would want to act and live and behave)- epistemology ( phl of science- the limits and nature of knowledge what can we know and what do we know)- social/political phl( ) , phl of mind, aesthetics( phl of art) , phl of religion( religion presents the view and phl works toward reasoning for a view) - Histori
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