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Main points in Hobbes Leviathan

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Peter King

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1/10/2013 9:08:00 AM Chapters Part 1 – 11, 13-16 = MOST IMPORTANT Materialism = Everything that falls into universe is matter, he denies substance like the mind or Platonic Forms (only matter exists) - Hobbes is a materialist, religious people won’t like him because he be lives in matter, not mystical forces or anything of that sort - Systemic thinker, or Scientific thinker - Used theorems to show how things like together and prove his points - Imagination - Reason = everything has a name you can give to it and once you know the definitions of things, you can put it together and …. ; Although we can have validity with Hobbes, you can’t have soundness - Air = make a mistake in addition and subtraction - Absurdity = when you put two words to together that don’t go with one another (Ex. Immaterial Substance) - Passions = wants and desires, you get one thing and want the next etc. - Hobbes thinks happiness is getting the most things in life - Good and evil are linked to this, pulls it away from Aristotle  If you want it, it’s good. If you don’t, its bad. - He’s going to deny an end goal, we can live a better life with Science but nothing else - People are EQUAL (in 1. Mind, 2. Body)  BODY BECAUSE EVERYONE IS MORTAL (anyone can be killed by another)  MIND BECAUSE EACH HUMAN ONLY GET ACCESS TO THEIR OWN MIND AND EVERYOEN ELSE IS AT DISTANCE (everyone thinks
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