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Lecture: Week 3 (Part 2) Republic 2  Three kinds of goods a) Those that are welcome for their own sake, such as joy and ‘harmless pleasures’ b) Those that are welcome for their own sake and for their consequences, such as knowledge and health c) Those that are welcome for their consequences alone, such as going to the dentist.  Socrates classifies justice under (b), whereas, Glaucon says that most people would put it under (c) as having only instrumental value  The challenge of Glaucon and Adeimantus: Why be moral? Three arguments against justice: 1. Injustice is the natural condition of us  Justice is the virtue of weakness  There is no motive to be just if we are not powerful enough  Justice itself is not attractive, people are just because there are codes to that we all get by 2. The Ring of Gygese (the story shows that people willingly be just)  The point of the story is basically if you could get away with sanctions, with doing something bad, what would keep you to abide moral codes?  Why would someone do the right thing, when one can easily get away with doing the wrong thing 3. Putting aside the good consequences of justice and the evil consequences of injustice, the life of an u
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