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Peter King

Lecture: Week 4 (Part 1) Republic 3  The fundamentally principle of human society is that it makes people better  Plato believes that human society is grounded in need  We get together to satisfy our need  Aristotle view is that human beings are herd animals  Society is not a response to anything, but that of humans getting together  The principle of specialization is to find out what people are good at, and have them do that job, so they can get better at it  The problem of a rational society is that life is not just made up of needs but of wants  We want things that make life worth living  The city needs to expand to accommodate the people into the society  Soldier are needed to protect and defend the city  The people for this job are called the guardians  The job of looking after the society if to be bestowed upon guardians  Plato says you need to turn a person into a “bulldog”, someone who is loyal but is willing to fight and defend his or city  How do you create guardians? - The way to make a guardian is through the process of education  Why does he do this? - Plato does this to ens
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