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October 15, 2013 Republic 7-9  Socrates really does not have answers  The forms is the most abstract of all these disciplines b/c it is the foundation – and most of us are not built to understand what the forms are itself  Plato gives us images and simile to suggest what it is like to help us gain knowledge of things  For example the ship – with the concept of how philosophers are the only ones that know how to govern the ship b/c they understand the grasp of how things really are  The sun, cave are also examples The concept of the line:  Imagination is the lowest level in the line – for example in soap operas, people think that watching the imitation of what is going on in TV is the way of life  Interacting w the real world People then get beliefs and opinion of how things are in the world  Determining patterns in the real world. To understand why people act the way they do, human psychology is needed  Why there should be those laws -To come to a deep understanding, you have a confound knowledge of how, why, things are the way they are Cave:  The prisoners only see shadows  Question: What is the importance of the puppeteers?  All they see is confused interpretations  The prisoner who escapes realizes that they were just looking at shadows, and that there is a way out  When the prisoner come out, he sees real things – the sun (simile)  People in society are chained prisoners, but philosophers are the only ones who can discover the rea
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