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Peter King

October 17, 2013 Republic 9-10 In book 9 he talks about the tyrannical person. All he discusses is an attempt to answer that injustice in the grand sense really doesn’t pay 1. To the first challenge: Justice is non-conventional since it is ‘natural’, being the natural ordering of the individual soul (and the best arrangement of the society given people’s natures) Justice is a compromise virtue - Justice is not conventional – it is not a matter of agreement. It is deeply fundamentally natural - The condition of the soul is exactly as natural as the mesocratic principle - Of each social class, person, and soul doing what it ought to do - It is a kind of psychological harmony – it is desirable 2. To the second challenge: Justice as psychic/social harmony is an intrinsic good, desirable in itself, regardless of consequences. - If you could get away from doing unjust act, then why would you act just? - Regardless of the consequence, you should prefer to be virtuous rather than be unjust - Reason for this is that you get psychologically harmony and will be healthy - Psychic harmony is desirable by itself 3. To the third challenge: the perfectly just person has his soul in order, and is a smoothly harmonious psychological whole—part of the argument that the philosopher has genuine virtue - Book 8 and 9 discusses the different kinds of soul The theme in all the argument is that everyone, no matter what is better off having a just soul - In a just soul, r
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