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Lecture 5

Week 5 - The Task of the Philosopher Plato.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Peter King

th Plato Republic: Book 5 Week of: October 4 , 2010. The Task of the Philosopher Reading: Plato, Republic Book 5 • Socrates: children should be brought up by the city rather than by their biological parents, and men and women with same natural ability should receive same education and training and do same kind of work—female and male guardian in kallipolis (445e) • Socrates: Transform city into the kallipolis is if its kings or rulers become philosophers or if philosophers become kings or rulers (473c-e) • Philosophers only ones to have access to forms and without such access, knowledge is impossible (474c-480a) • Women and men are by nature the same with respect to guarding the city, except to the extent that one is weaker and the other stronger (456a) • Lawgivers will select women with similar natures to men to live with and mix together both in physical training and rest of their upbringing (458c-d) • Rulers have to make considerable use of falsehood and deception for benefit of ruled. Such falsehoods are as useful as a form of drug (459c-d) • Best men must have sex with best women as frequently as possible, and opposite true for most inferior men and women. If heard to be highest possible quality, former’s offspring must be reared but not latter’s. Must all occur without being noticed by anyone except rulers, so herd of guardians remains free from dissension (459d-e) • Rulers establish number of marriages, with aim to keep number of males as stale as possible, taking into account war, disease, etc so city will be neither too small nor big (459e-460a) • Sophisticated lottery, so at each marriage, inferior will not blame rulers (460a) • Young men good in war and other things will be given permission to have sex with women more often, since will be good pretext for having them father as many children as possible (460a-b) • Children of good parents will be taken by nurse sin charge of the rearing pen situated in separate part of city. Children of inferior parents, or any child born defective, hide in secret/unknown place. Allow guardian breed to remain pure (460b-c) • Wet nurses to take care of everything other than bre
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