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Peter King

st Philosophy February 1 , 2011. Freedom and Reasoning Reading: Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding 6-12 • Hume doesn’t deny we have a cause of beliefs • Why is it that we make the assumption that the future will be like the past? • How do we get a cause of expectations? We get it because of habit/custom • We are forming a cause of belief—Forming every particular belief under the impact of experience • What is the belief thatAcauses B  Acauses B; that one of them has the power to bring up the other • How do you come to have cause of belief? Cause of conjunction? (Inquiry in 5, 6, 7) Where could you get it from? Hume lists 3 possibilities: 1. From observing things – cannot get it from seeing things in the world. Only see cause of conjunctions, do not see the cause of links form the world 2. Know about causality – from our experience of power over our own bodies. Incorrect, because take an instance, how does it work? How does choosing to raise your arm make it go up? That’s the connection. We do not experience the power, because its
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