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First few lecs on Plato

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Mark Kingwell

PHL100Y LEC 1 Beautifully The love of wisdom- philosophy Portal. Bob miller book room (180 Bloor street W.) Practical wisdom, practical judgement, prudence. Truth, reality, morality, and beauty- Platos republic Not about ethics but about human life and flourishing-Aristotle Explicating about a passage- first paper Analyze an argument- second paper Comparing views on the same subject-third paper Philosophy paper-fourth paper. Why are YOU here? Thieves- stealing time that they spend here from themselves. Looks at the course as a game to be won. Brokers- self-conscience about what they are up to. Lovers- Listen, think, respond to the ideas. Deeper human concerns. Philosophy -philein Sophia (love of wisdom) Intellectual masturbation, arguing about the nature of knowledge, reality , and value. Anybody can argue anything if there cleaver enough. Sophistry, not philosophy. One of philosophies central concerns in distinguishing true philosophers from false ones. The Oracle at Delphi is inscribed Know thyself put yourself in question. Drawing distinctions and defending them, relating class and instance, joining specific to general. Thats part of the method of philosophy. The way it gets closer to knowledge and wisdom. Socratic Method (via Plato) Basic Principles 1. Irony - distance or gap- there is some gap between what it says and what is meant. Socrates would appear to prefence something to advance a discussion 2. Doctrina Ignorantia- Socrates would pretend not to know anything. Because when he goes to the oracle they said he was the wises. 3. Dialectic argument- Moves by conflict, energy comes from disagreement. 4. Maieusis- means bringing forth, Socrates was not a generated, he helped to bring out the knowledge. Socrates as the midwife of ideas Basic Mechanism; Elenchus General definition requested (not instances) if this than what (Socrates wants exact answers, Definition offered Definition fails- counter- example or similar objection.
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