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Peter King

NE 2The Doctrine of the mean There are no taggers in Platos RepublicWilliam Gibson We had just gotten around to figuring what happiness is supposed to consist of Its supposed to be complete and selfsufficient We can get the best measure of happiness in human beings by looking at human functions What makes us distinctive is that we can act with accordance to reason Talks about the parts of the soul Does not give long argument like plato There is part that we reason with and that which we do not reason with Rational and the irrational part of the soul Human excellence is the activity of the soul in accordance with reason This is called intellectual virtues While the nonrational soul is guided by moral virtues Part of being happy is having the right feelings That does not exhaust human happiness by any means Supposed to gain some kind of objectivity here It is not entirely up to you and can even be affected after your death It might come out after ones death that they he was deeply devoted to the case of what was right and the truth and found out that it was a conspiracy of spies and so you wasted your time Other people can have opinions on whether you are happy or not If you take no pleasure in what y
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