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PHL 100 Y1September 21 2010 Lecture 2 Number in margins represent the various translations because of the various editions so everyone can follow no matter the edition they have Standard for the works of Plato Stephanis numbers y Plato and AristotleSocrates 480399BCTimey 500 BC little tiny groups tribes bigger groups which live together take one formj authoritarian formj Pharoah royaltyj The model that made it through time authoritarian hierarchyEastern part of the Mediterraneanj Tried out different modes of social organization Citystate SpartaCitizens were in the army Efficient Wellrun Those who loved loved those you hate hatedParticipatory Democracy Athens Limited citizens not woman slaves foreigners the actual citizens were invited to take part in the assembly and participate and make and break laws executing laws huge juries being involved was a huge necessity it was great while it lasted if you can go and propose any law and argue any law or argue the corruption of youth then what is your key to successy speaking well persuasive skill around period Athens was the rich and powerful leader of the Athenian cities top most important most influential what happened crisis in values traditions changing success and power and wealth became the most important how do you learn to speak well Phase 1 y Group committed to teaching you how to speak well y Charge fees good things dont come cheap
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