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Peter King

Philosophy Lecture3September 23 2010 Critos Moral Arguments 44B46Ay ON THE Blackboard Socrates says that I am sorry Critohe is not willing to escape Socrates discussing whether or not he should escape Crito doesnt sayy You can save you skin y Instead he Gives Socrates moral reasons for escapingy If Socrates dies his friends and follower will be devastated and they wont know what to do without himy Dont worry about reprocussions because they are willing to take the risk for himy If he doesnt escape he will be doing exactly what the prosecution wantedy That he has moral obligations that should keep him at him his kidsWe know that Socrates is 70 with one 15 year old and 2 small kids as well Moral methodologyy Where Socrates sits with Crito and S says that how should we decidey Should we listen to what the many say y When there is an expertask the Expert y So the majority isnt always righty What if there is
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