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University of Toronto St. George
Peter King

PHL 100Lecture 5 September 30 2010 The Republic Book 2y 3 kinds of good those that are welcome for their own sake such as joy and harmless pleasures those that are welcome for their own sake and for their consequences such as knowledge and health those that are welcome for their consequences alone such as going to the dentists Socrates is b Glaucon is cy They want Socrates to show why it pays to be moral Why should you do the right thing Is there really and payoffy Three arguments against justice Justice is a compromise because we are weakj Injustice is a much simpler and better lifej We are weak against the consequencesj All the weak talk and make up rules and agree to avoid being roguejustice is a virtue of weakness The ring of Gygesj The story Gyges manages to find a ring and he discovers that when he wears the ring he become invisible this will allow him to do as he wants goes to palace where the king of Lydia lives manages to kill the king and seduce the queenj If you had an invisible ring what would you do with itj We act justly under peer pressure P We wouldnt do the right thing if we werent forced to in fact the unjust life is much more joyous and rewardingj Unjust ma
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