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Peter King

Descartes meditation 2Fixed and immovable point that allows him to know something indubitable He is a thinking thing which is to be exploredMind is distinct from body Nature of the mind is better known than the bodyI think therefore I am Cogito ergo sumHe can doubt he has a body that 235 a square has 4 sides but he cannot doubt this Giving you an argument I think therefore I am inferring his existence because he thinks1 premise argumentI think Therefore I amThis is not to be taken as an argument second set of objectionsPRAGMATIC READING you have a very special thing going on here A kind of claim Which you cant put forward unless you put it forward Example This sentence has five words These claims dont need any outside justification They carry the grounds for their truths The meditator can only propound a claim by thinking it since for all he knows he has no body and hence no way to express a proposition through writing or speaking What claim I exist or equivalently I am The very act of thinking this claim which is how its propounded validates its content since he could not
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