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Peter King

Descartes 3Criteria he can apply to take off from the one thing he knows that is that he can existAlmost thinks he has it Then becomes unsure Then goes on to validate his criterion Know the one thing he knows is that he has a clear indistinct perception And that he thinks is just the thing he needs to come along So I seem now to be able to lay it down as a general rule that whatever I perceive very clearly and distinctly is trueThat the criterion he wants to useth He validates this at the end of the 4 meditationYou perceive it very clearly and distinctly and then you can use the clarity and distinctness rule CDRThere might be a slight reason for doubt The only reason for the mediators later judgments were open to doubt is because some God could have given me a nature such that I deceive even in matters which seem most evidentMaybe God has been an evil joker God has given him a nature and is sitting on top smirking saying he thinks hes smartHow do we know that God has given you a deceptive nature Then he has to see if there can be a god and if his nature is that to give humans a deceptive natureTheorem 1 God is nice We saw this in Anselm that if god is nice how can we ever screw upMeditation 3 shows how god is nice and 4 shows that we can still make mistakes THE PROOFwhy god exists and why we need god to exist There is a nice god And god is not there to deceiveAnselms argument was from a very very
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