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Peter King

Hume 1022011Problem of inductionIf you assume things will be like there were like in the past you can claim but why would you make an assumption There is no reason to think that what has passed is relevant at all What you experience according isnt causal but constant conjunction We have causal beliefs for which we are better off for having He is worried why it is that we make the assumption that the future is like the past Here is a case of conjunction you have experienced When you try to cross the street you wait till the opposite light turns red but you have to wait a sec in case some jerk crosses Reason why drivers stop is because they are caused to by a presence of a red light If you throw an egg against a wall it will breakWe have these causal expectations but how do we get them From habit We get habituated is no explanation When an A is followed by a B eventually when you see an impression of an A you acquire the belief that a B is coming Its not that they occur together How doe
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