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Peter King

Lyotard instability and pralogy - Argued that pretty much all this course is subject to pragmatic conditions. You can look at the pragmatic terms in which these statements are appropriate. - There does not seem to be anything special in the language games of science. - The modernist metanarratives (enlightenment and Marxist theory) have lost their credibility. - Describes the nature of the crisis (de legitimacy) - 2 paths. 1 path there is a tendency to go and we will go that way unless something is done. Other path is he recommends is to what he describes as the search for instability. - Science is one talk amongst many. - Crisis is a very special kind of crisis and brought on by modernism. The old metanarratives carried the seeds of their own destruction. - We make progress by clearly identifying problems. - Science was the glory bringer for the enlightenment. - Marxist idea, what happens in social formation what happens is society organizes itself that they strengthen the productive forces that they become so strong that there is revolution. Feudalism to capitalism. - Social progress will be carried forward by progress. Once you put it like that, science does not legitimate its self. The very act of putting forward scientific progress is the key of modernism. - The thing about scientific planes and planes of enlightenment or to live better, how do you decide which ones are legitimate? - What is the nature of legitimacy? Pragmatic... ? - The modern (old) version derives of productivity. The amount of resources it takes to produce something. - Product  old fashioned  bad - New form is knowledge (information) - You want to give as much service as possible with using minimum resources.- In this postmodern world we are not maximizing productivity, we are trying to maximize return on i
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