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PHL 319 Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Andre Gombay

A desire or wish is something that you want to satisfy, and this involves behaving in a certain way. When I have a wish, I want to satisfy it. It often happens that one wish will conflict with another wish. When you have an opposition of wishes and you act on something else instead, you could say you are substituting an action for your original desirewish. * Contrast this with another series of mental states: perceptions. Perceptions could be like realizations, or knowing or general cognition. There is less notion of satisfaction and action tied to this set of mental states. When Freud speaks of mental states, he has the desire category in mind more times than not. This is not to say that he never means the alternate type of mental states. * The notion of subs here, is crucial for F. This is seen in the two neurotic examples. The 30yo woman who calls in the maid to the room with the table and the table cloth etc. One of Fs explanations is that shes identifying with her husband who couldnt perform on their wedding night, but the husband is satisfied cuz of the red inc spot. Or from her point of view, she wanted to have sex on her wedding night, so now the neuroses is a sub satisfaction. Side note on penis envy. F says that little girls envy boys for their penises wish develops in a wish to be a man. F sometimes speaks as though hes speaking in the voice of an uncultured stupid man. Identification Its probably thanks to F that we have this connection of the self identifying w another person. Identification is the earliest expression of an emotional tie to another person. Consider the 30 yo again. Remember shes identifying herself w her husband. The other eg is the 19 yo girl w all the night time ceremonies; cant let her head or the cushions touch the head of the bed. You can identify with someone you hate.
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