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University of Toronto St. George
Ariela Dicastro

PHL311 The Empiricists October 10, 2012 Communication and Language Scholar: Why does Locke turn to language? A: Not Locke’s plan, his intention was to classify our knowledge and ideas Locke: We cannot account for knowledge without understanding the nature of language. _ Locke concludes that language takes a central role in human intuition. What is the purpose of language? Locke: Communication o Thoughts are conveyed from one person to another. o Reflecting on the way human beings share their perceptions about reality. o It’s what brings societies together, human beings are meant to be social. ** 3 main elements of language 1. Thoughts 2. Words 3. Object (the world) How is language connected to our ideas? (the relation between thought and language) Lock emphasizes 2 categories between language and thought. 1 is separated.  Thoughts are internal and known through experience o Language without thought and thought w/o language o Language is made of words, and thoughts are made out of ideas. 2 is parallel  Language is made by the whole to represent thoughts of individuals Role of communication is to overcome the disagreement between these two entities. Example of problem: “The words escaped my mouth…” It separates the idea that there is a thought, which cannot be expressed by language. How do we deliver our thoughts? * 5 Stages s
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