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Midterm Exam  20% of final grade  Monday December 12 o 9AM-12PM Part One: Short Answer  15 questions  Answer 12  One to two Sentences  Identify the philosopher associated with the term or phrase, explain its meaning briefly  Ex: what is the Principle of Specialization? What is the Clarity-and-Distinctness Rule? Part Two: Passage Analysis  Two passages from Descartes;  Pick one passage and state the premises and the conclusion of the argument in the passage o Either in prose or schematically o Say briefly what role it has in the larger context of which it is a part  Ex: Descartes, meditations 3 (AT 49): I must therefore ask myself whether I possess some power enabling me to bring it about that I who now exist will still exist a little while from now. For since I am nothing but a thinking thing-or at least since I am now concerned only and precisely with that part of me which is a thinking thing-if there were such a power in me, I should undoubtedly be aware of it. But I experience no such power, and this very fact makes me recognize most clearly that I depend on some being other than myself. Part Three: Short Essays  Question Bank  Five short-essay topics listed  King will pick three of THESE essay topics to be put on the exam  3.01: Socrates seems to come to the conclusion in the Crito that there is a moral obligation on the part of every citizen to obey the laws (or the persuade others to change them). But in the Apology, he mentions two cases of what he seems to think permissible disobedience to the laws: his past refusal to arrest Leon of Salamis, and his stated intention not to comply with a judicial gag order. Does he contradict himself? Explain and defend your answer.  3.02: Plato introduces the guardian class on the grounds that the Feverish Society
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